Wyna's EFT story.

by Wyna Woodford



before now

I first heard of EFT from a podcast by Renee Stephens. I did a little research and discovered a website for the regular long version for EFT. I was pretty skeptical but gave it a try. After a dozen attempts and doing the process all wrong, I was able to completely clear up some neck pain that i had had for about 5 months. I was impressed and intrigued. I joined Sparkpeople, a weightloss community, and found an EFT team with in this community. There was information passed around there and Dr Julia popped up on a message board. She offered to help me. That was in August of 2010.
Our first few sessions left me feeling wiped out. The sessions were very emotional and I would dream of tapping. Slowly I began to see progress, or rather feel the progress. My mood lightened and I felt happier and more relaxed. Before the sessions, I really didn't know just how uptight and wound up I was.
We tapped on everything from relationship problems, to weight issues to fears. My 27 year marriage has relaxed to a wonderful, relatively smooth relationship, and he really has no idea we worked on my issues with him. All he knows it that i am happier.
We also worked on food and weight problems. I am currently a little over half way to my goal and have just recently cleared up some feelings about weight loss and plateaus. I will continue to tap on every thing that comes up in regards to weight.
We also worked on my fear of heights and some horse back riding. I can now change my own storm windows, climb a ladder and ride my horse with confidence that i haven't felt since i was a kid.
But i have to say that my biggest accomplishment with EFT is how i have cleared up the need/urge to cry for no reason and in inappropriate amounts. I love it.
There were times after a session that i felt completely wiped out and other times that i felt positively giddy with happiness and excitement.
I have Dr. Julia to thank. I love how she has just the right words to say as i am tapping and it makes me laugh. She has pushed me into memories that i didn't want to revisit and then she proceeded to help me eliminate all the negative feelings associated with the memory and then change it. This has been the most fascinating 6+ months!

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