What is Faster EFT

by Julia

Faster EFT is a new and unique way of understanding yourself. It is based on a few simple observations:

  1. Before you were born, the world was as it was, the stage was set.

  2. Your parents and other people had their problems.

  3. Your were born.

  4. You learned from you parents and other people around you.

  5. You coped with people using what you learned.

  6. You survive or thrive using the coping skills you developed.

  7. You developed an identity around you coping skills: I'm a bulimic, I'm depressed, ...

  8. You wonder why you have so many problems.

Your eating disorder is the outcome of certain behaviors you have chosen to protect yourself. Given what you learned, and how you cope, the best way you know to keep yourself safe is through the eating disorder.

Faster EFT starts with this understanding of how the mind works. Faster EFT explains the roles of memories, feelings, and beliefs in determining the choices we perceive in any given moment.

By changing the memories, feelings, and beliefs we hold within, we increase our choices in the now. Faster EFT teaches simply efficient ways of achieving self-control.

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