One session with Julia really helped me overcome an anger problem I have been having for years. I was unable to go one day without feeling an immense anger toward someone who had really wronged me, and was making it hard to maintain mutual friendships with this person. The calm, and peace I felt after talking with her was amazing. I can't wait to go back again!
- Roxi Nevin, MO

I played up to 8 hours daily of online games (World of Warcraft and Age of Conan). After only one session (2 hrs) the desire and need to play was gone. I am able to deal with my anger, I am calmer, more balanced, my depression is gone and I have a tool I can use with other problems, i.e. my overeating and with the family.
- Patrick Albath, Switzerland

Jonathan hasn't had a poo-poo accident since you left. Has used to potty since you "tabed" him, at least for his "big buisness". Sure a relief to all of us ... :-)
Ursula Seeholzer, Germany

I have noticed quite a change. Not very weepy. calmer around "Jill" sort of like water off a ducks back so to speak. I have noticed a few changes. a bit less emotional. or get over it sooner. I slept terrible that night until about 1am. Then slept hard. I have a funeral tomorrow. I knew the woman but not well. (the mom of a close friend) I could go to a complete stranger's funeral and cry. I will be interested in how i do. When i talked to my friend, i didn't even tear up. "Jill" still gets to me but I did a little tapping on my own and felt better. (Update, she only cried an appropriate amount of tears at the funeral). I'm having success with the heights!!

I have to say, that after working with you, I feel like a different person. Arguments still make me angry but in 5-10 minutes, I have left it and have moved on. Tears are SO in check. Biggest Loser doesn't even make me water!!! It is still amazing to me. If this is freedom, then I love it! You do good work. - Wyan Woodford, MT


Have you found healing thanks to Help for Eating Disorders, Dr. Julia or Faster EFT?

Share your story here. How bad was it before? How good is it now? How has your life changed?

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