Stop Binge Eating: How To Boost Your Confidence and Find Success

"How do you know you cannot stop binge eating?" is the first question I would ask my personal empowerment clients.

At first I get a funny look, then they turn inward. Usually, the answer sounds something like this:

"There was that time when I thought I had it under control, but then .... " and "I can still feel the embarrassment when I came home and ... " or "When I think about the road ahead, I just know the struggles and I already feel defeated."

Entry to an old villageAs they sit and remember, they bring up a list of past events which support their belief that they cannot overcome binge eating. The feelings make the memories seem real.

If you had a different past, had different memories and feelings, would you have the same problems? Probably not.

Memories are not only records of events, but are also used to interpret the world and decide on appropriate actions.

If you see yourself as having no control over your binge eating, then you will interpret setbacks as a sign of inability to stop binge eating.

If you had different memories and different beliefs, then a different interpretation would come about.

Are memories real? The event was real when it happened, but right now your memories only exist inside your head. You make it seem real when you think about it and create the feelings.

What we record, what we consider to be important during an event is always based on what we have already stored.

Let go of the pain in your past and you will change, naturally.

Addictions are complex issues. First remove this obstacle to success, then release and let go of othe pain in your past.

Look at your relationship with food. Address the emotional drivers behind your compulsive eating.

And contact me for a private session, when you don't know what else to do.

In my practice I teach this understanding of problems and their structure together with Chinese acupressure to my clients to help them achieve their goals.

I will be adding many more articles to help YOU heal YOURSELF. Please let me know what questions you need to have answered on your healing journey.

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