How to stop binge eating

I didn't understand why I could not figure out how to stop binge eating. I knew what to do, I had time, money, support, yet I would always fail, eventually.

In the end, I would fail. Always. So I just gave up; I stopped trying to control my food addiction, to lose weight.

I felt like someone else was driving the bus. I knew it was me putting the food in my mouth, yet I could not make myself stop.

Now I know better.

seagull in flightNow I'm free. And I want the same for you.

You are not broken. You do not have a saboteur within, neither is there a little devil sitting on your shoulder. Rather, you are doing what you know how to do in order to keep yourself safe, based on your past, your memories, and your believes about yourself and the world.

One of my clients was molested as a girl, repeatedly. It finally stopped after she gained weight and he no longer wanted her. She wants to lose weight, but that little girl inside does what it needs to stay heavy, to stay safe.

As a little girl, you did what you had to do to survive in the world you were in. You are no longer that little girl, yet you are still using the same programs.

FasterEFT is a simple way to reprogram yourself. Here at help-for-eating-disorders, we show you how you can heal your eating disorder by finding and removing all the outdated programs.

Watch this video and follow along.

It's that simple to change your life. Instead of working on a lifestyle change, change who you are from the inside out and naturally change your life.

For example, I would ask you to go back to all memories of previously failing. We would use the tapping to remove all negative emotions from them. Then we would change them to something positive. To finish up we'd make sure that there are no other ways to prove to yourself that you will fail.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you will not hit rough patches, but now, instead of looking at the situation and saying "I have failed, I might as well give up", you will say "Interesting, what can I learn here, what can I do different?"

Feel free to ask me any questions.

I have found real freedom, lasting peace and healing with FasterEFT and I want to share it with those ready to make real changes in their lives.

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