How to Control Binge Eating

Does this sound familiar to you?

It starts off well. You are making lifestyle changes like exercising regularly, cooking healthy meals, finding other outlets for your emotions.

Somehow over time, you always slide back into your old, bad habits. First you miss a workout or two ("I was just too busy!").

Then you have a craving for fast food and somehow you justify the calories.

Finally you are back to being the same lazy, emotional eater, drowning yourself in food and body weight.


What happened? Did your motivation disappear?

Probably not, but maybe you had a really bad emotional experience. When things get really tough you can only deal by eating.

That became very obvious to me a few years ago. My boyfriend moved and we spend weekends visiting each other.

My pain and fear of and around abandonment were too much and I turned to eating for help.

As a result, I gained 35 pounds in 18 months.

My motivation had not changed, but I needed food to deal with life more than I wanted to lose weight.

What is motivation?

Usually we mean having the desire to do something specific, like having the motivation, the desire, the want to exercise after work.

What if ,at the same time, you have the motivation, the desire, the want to hide yourself from the world and you do this by eating and staying fat?

Let's say exercising has a desire of 5 (from 1 - 10), but the need to stay safe by being fat has a desire of 10. In the end, the stronger desire wins out.

Now I understand that during the times when I was able to lose weight, I had fewer reasons to stay fat and more reasons to be thin. Then an emotional event happened, tipping the scale the other way and I would start gaining weight.

And then I discovered how to turn it all around and now I share it with you. Come over to to learn more.

How are you creating binge eating in your life? What goes on inside of your head that makes binge eating the best way to keep you save?

How do YOU know that you have Binge Eating

How is binge eating affecting your life?

How is binge eating keeping you safe?

Let go and share your story to help others.

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