Eating Disorder and Body Image

Eating disorders are about relationships

  • Your relationship with yourself and your body
  • Your relationship with food
  • Your relationship with the rest of the world

Your eating disorder and body image are a reflection of what you believe about yourself, others, and food.

It's about feelings. Understand how and when you produce them, and you can change your life.

I use to hate my body. I would not look at it for more then a few seconds. Never, ever would I look below the neckline. It was just too painful.

I felt like my body had betrayed me, while at the same time feeling guilty for hating it that much.

I knew it was me who put the food in my mouth. So every time I looked at me, I was reminded of how weak and pathetic I was.

I knew this was the only body I had, yet I still treated it like a piece of junk. I just did not know how to be or do any differently.

I was not born with an eating disorder gene. Nor is there something wrong with my wiring or body chemistry. What I do have is a mother who knew how to produce anorexia nervosa. My mother still uses food as a primary way to cope with life.

I also have a father who comes from a family of people obsessed with looks and image. I have grandparents who survived WWII in war-torn Germany and vowed to never go hungry or cold again.

All of these people taught me what they knew. They loved me so much, that they taught me their best ways of coping with life. Coping skills such as eating for comfort, being critical of my looks, and taking advantage of good food because you never know when you can eat it again.

Of course I was an eager student, I studied hard, and added to what they taught me. That got me to over 280 lbs.

Then I learned that it is not about what happened to me, but how I now remember it. It is not the event, but the meaning I place on the event that matters.

My parents divorce affected me a great deal. Yet what I remember is feeling alone, believing that nobody wanted me and that I did not matter.

I carried those feelings into adulthood with me. Those feelings supplied the meaning to my memories. I create the feelings, I supply the meaning.

My feelings only exist inside of me. I produce them, I feel them. Nobody else has that power over me.

Once I understood how I use memories and feelings to create my problems, changing myself was easy.

For the first time in my life, I know that I have real control.

To change your body image, change how you imagine your body inside of you. Change how you feel about your body. Find all the reason to not like your body and let them go.

FasterEFT is what I used, and you can too. Everything you need is available on Robert's Website. Join us over at the community forum and learn more.

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