4 Little Known Eating Disorder Facts

Armed with these little known eating disorder facts, you can finally stop the cycle.

Fact: Successful Eating Disorders Require Skills

Some eating disorder skills are:
  • disregarding physical hunger
  • believing you are fat
  • obsessively counting every calorie
  • exercising for hours
  • Believing that love and acceptance can be found in food
  • Purging food from your body
  • Using eating disorders as a way to cope with stress

In order to have a problem, such as an eating disorder, you must know how to do it, be good at it and do it automatically.

You were not born with an eating disorder. Just as your learned to walk and drive, you learned to throw up, avoid food, and sneak sweets into the house. Remember, how difficult it was at the beginning?

Fact: If you could do better, you would do better

Your eating disorder is your best coping skill. Given how you experienced life, your eating disorder is how you keep yourself safe.

Don't beat yourself up, you are doing what you know how to do to stay safe.

This website teaches you new stress-releasing skills. With those new skills you will be able to do better. You too can be calm in face of the worst disaster.

When you know better, it's easy to do better.

Fact: The root cause of all eating disorders is birth

No birth, no problems. Since you are reading this, you must be alive, hence worrying about the root cause is useless. Instead of asking "why" and looking in the past for causes, ask "how do you know" in the present.

What is real? Right now is real. Memories are not real, they were when they happened, but now they only exist in your head. Memories seem real, because you feel them to be real.

"How do you know" works because it keeps you in the present. It helps you find those events in your past that make the eating disorder real, for you.

How do you know you have an eating disorder? Do you have memories of doing things that support the eating disorder? Do you have memories of the first time you became aware of the control the eating disorder seems to give you? Do you remember doing your eating disorder actions yesterday, the day before and even months ago? Do you see yourself doing them tomorrow, next week or even years from now?

Once you understand how you do your eating disorder, change is simple. This website teaches you how to do it.

Fact: It's easy to get started healing your eating disorder

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