3 Ways to Overcome the Dangers in Bulimia

You know the dangers in bulimia. You have known about them for quite some time. Yet here you are again, looking for more information about your imperfection. When all you really want is that magical piece of knowledge that will give you the ability to stop.

Knowing about the damages can help with motivation to stop. Yet often the purges continue despite the knowledge. It is difficult to beat something as big and useful as binging and purging with the dangers of possible problems in the future.

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Aren't you tired of following one restrictive program or another to feel like you are in control? Deep down inside, you know you cannot be trusted around food. No matter how well you are doing right now, the next binge is waiting just around the corner. Some days it almost seems like you are looking for excuses to binge and purge.

There is a different way.

Instead of trying to control your eating disorder by controlling the world around you, learn how to control that which drives your bulimia:

  • Those feelings of not being good enough.
  • The pressure to be perfect and loved by everyone.
  • That fear that you will never measure up.
  • That sense that nobody really notices you or how you are doing.

The biggest dangers in bulimia are not the physical problems. The biggest dangers are that you believe that those things about you are true.

I know without a doubt that you are good enough. You believe that you will never measure up because somewhere inside of you, you feel it to be true. Not only that, you also have the memories, experiences, and imaginations to prove it.

Maybe you remember that time when your stepfather molested you and they did not believe you. Or was it all the beatings you received from mom? It is easy to see how you would believe that you are not good enough, and never will be.

Logically you know that those things are not true. You know you have evidence to the contrary, but emotionally you know and feel them to be true. Say it to yourself, and feel how you know this is true. Notice where you feel it, what it feels like. Does it have a shape? A size? Or even a color?

Now say to yourself "I am good enough." Notice what it feels like. Notice how it does not feel true. It does not feel like that statement applies to you. Notice where and how you feel this feeling.

Logically, both statements could be true based on your life, yet one feels true and the other does not. It is the feelings that matter.

Are you ready for a NEW way of being? Are you ready to release your weight and problems instead of losing and finding it again and again?

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