Compulsive Overeating Disorder Treatment: 3 Ways to Start Today

The pain from being raped and molested was holding her hostage inside her fat body. Once she let go, losing weight was easy.

"I have a compulsive overeating disorder!" Brooke exclaimed as she contacted me for help. "I don't know how to stop. I just keep shoving food into my mouth."

She was almost hysterical as she recounted the previous nights binge episode. I calmed her down and got her ready for our first session the next day.

As with most compulsive eaters, Brooke was looking for love and acceptance in food. She loved cookies, from giant to tiny, because they took her back to the love and acceptance she got from her grandmother.

The ice cream reminded her of happy times as a child, playing in the neighborhood, catching the ice cream truck. She loved fast food because Mom used to take her there before the occasional movie. It really made her feel special to eat out.

In Brooke's first session, I showed her how to let go of all emotional attachments to food. To this day, neither ice cream, fast food nor cookies have power over Brooke.

You too can let go of your attachments to food. Watch this YouTube and follow along. Just repeat it until it works.

Next, Brooke and I started to let go of those painful memories. Brooke already knew that she was running from the pain in her past, she just didn't know how to stop.

Brooke had memories of being molested at a young age, raped in high school, and otherwise being taken advantage of, especially by men. Whenever she thought of being thin, Brooke just saw herself being victimized and disassociating from her body.

Brooke even realized that her weight stood in the way of reaching other goals in life. If she lost the weight, and she still had money problems, then she would have proof that she is a failure. In some way it was easier to struggle with her weight, than take control of her finances.

After clearing the pain from her past, Brooke and I tackled a few of those other issues. We removed the blocks she had about achieving that promotion and getting more responsibility at work. She let go of what was holding her back from enjoying more money in her life. We created the mindset so she could be financially secure.

For the first couple of months, we had biweekly sessions. Then, after a few months of weekly sessions, we switch to bimonthly, and eventually we just didn't schedule another session.

She knew how to handle her life now without turning to food.

Enjoying life without turning to food is easy. You can start today.

  1. Watch the video above and follow along. Let go of your emotional attachments to food. Food does not love you back. Food cannot meet your emotional needs.
  2. After experiencing how simple FasterEFT is, watch these videos. You now have a basic understanding of FasterEFT and how to start healing your life.
  3. Look around this website to learn more about healing your eating disorder wiht FasterEFT

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