Major Causes of Anorexia Nervosa

How do you know you have anorexia matters more then knowing the causes of anorexia nervosa.

Let me explain:

Eva came to me wanting to know the causes of anorexia nervosa. She had been producing severe anorexia nervosa. Like most anorexics, Eva was using many resources to create the problem.

Our first session we went for the big one: "When I see myself in the mirror, I only see how fat I am. I feel disgusted just looking at myself."

Flowering TreeI explained to her, how the feelings seemed to make it real. It was the feelings she was creating while looking at herself, that made her seem so fat.

I then asked her to tell me how she KNEW that she was fat. Of course she had plenty of evidence:

  • When she was 9 y.o. she watched her mother constantly nag her older sister about her weight and what she ate. She vowed never to be fat.
  • In middle school, some boy made fun of her thighs. She can still hear him say "Thunder thighs!" That's when she started to think about dieting.
  • Dad often called her chubby wubby. She knew it was a joke, but somehow she started to believe it was true.

I explained to her that those feelings of being fat are created by her. She knew it was true because she FELT it was true. She was the only one that felt those particular feelings when looking at her.

"How do you know what fat looks like?" "How do you know you look like what fat looks like?"

The answers to those questions gave us more evidence of what she was using to create those feelings. Eva was using her memories and their associated feelings to create the believe that she was fat.

We spend the remaining session using a simple relaxation technique to release the feelings associated with the memories. Eva felt an immediate relieve when she let go of those feelings.

I then showed Eva how memories are not just records of past events, but are also internal instructions or how-to's. Right now she had many "How to feel fat" and "How to believe you are fat" instructions.

We turned each memory into an instruction manual for "How to love yourself no matter what".

At the end of that session, Eva had such love, gratitude, and peace about herself and her body, it was written all over her face.

Eva wondered about the causes of anorexia nervosa again. I explained how the root cause of anorexia is birth. If she had not been born, she would have no problems.

In a few more sessions, Eva will be ready to go it alone. Those are my favorite days. The transformation from producing anorexia nervosa to peace, love, joy, and self-control is amazing each time.

We didn't have to worry about what the causes of anorexia nervosa are. Instead we changed how she feels about herself, and the anorexia disappeared, naturally.

We let go of the anorexic mindset and created a naturally healthy mindset instead.

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