Why Am I So Screwed Up:
Cause of Binge Eating Disorder

"What's wrong we me, what is the cause of binge eating disorder," that's what I used to wonder.

In March 2010, I finally found the answer:

I know how.

I know how to react to events in just the right way to produce feelings so that eating myself into oblivion is the only solutions I have.

A Mountain Lake

Growing up, I learned to deal with life and my emotions by eating.

I ate to keep myself safe. Eating was the best way I had to get me through life.

Why eat? Well ... Probably because I didn't know how to use exercising or drinking to do the same.

Still not convinced that knowing how is the cause? Want to know more?

Watch this video.

I'm not screwed up, what a relief. I'm running old (and often useless) programs. I'm running programs that get the job done, but produce unwanted side-effects.

Of course that leads to more questions:

  • Is this something I can fix?
  • How do I replace them with better programs?
  • Can I just stop running them?
  • Since I learned these skills, can I unlearn them?
  • Can I learn new and better skills?

The answers are resounding YESs. Robert G. Smith developed Faster EFT,
an efficient way of changing your mind.

Watch this website for updates on how to easily reprogram your life. But in the meantime watch Robert's youtubes.

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