The REAL Cause of Eating Disorder: 3 Steps to Improve Your Life Today

The real cause of Casey's eating disorder was birth. No birth, no problem. Knowing how to do it was the reason why she was suffering.

Casey came to me desperate to stop sabotaging her weight loss efforts. Twice she had lost 80+ pounds, twice she had regained that and more.

Casey realized that she had to start inside herself to create a permanent change in her life. That's when she contacted me to guide her through that process.

As with most of my binge eating clients, she had plenty of good reasons to stay fat:

  • Her brother molested her at age eight.
  • A coach took advantage of her starting at age 12.
  • She was date raped in college.
  • Her mother and grandmother use food to deal with stress.
  • During previous "skinny" time, she had difficulties dealing with sexual advanced by men. She "checks out" and disassociates from her body.

There were others, this just got us started. As with most of my eating disorders clients, we tackled Caseys body image first. No matter what, this was the only body she had. This body had supported her through thick and thin. It was time that she loved it no matter what.

Learn more about Eating Disorders and Body Image.

It took us several sessions to clear out all the pain in her past, yet she saw changes right away. It was easier for her to make the right choice. Her binges became smaller and less frequent. She felt happier and in control more of the time.

After about four months of sessions, Casey's focus shifted to being a mindful eater. After having let go of that which enabled and supported her binge eating, she created and practiced the skills of a mindful eater.

At the end, Casey decided we should tackle a few other issues such as career and finances. After our last session, eight months after the first, Casey was the healthy, vibrant, and successful woman she always knew she could and should be.

As we parted ways, I knew she had the skills to handle any situation life threw at her. I was proud of her for what she created in her life.

Start your healing story today with these easy steps..

  1. Love your body no matter your size, no matter what else is going on. This is the only body you have, love for always being there for you.
  2. Experience how simple FasterEFT is, join us at the Community Forum.

  3. Look around this website to learn more about healing your eating disorder wiht FasterEFT

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