Healing from Bulimia:
A Life without Eating Disorders

The mental fog was disappearing, the binge was wearing off, and the bulimia guilt appeared. I had to rid my body of the calories before damage could be done.

Why am I doing this to myself? Why can't I just stop? What about my health? Back then I was in pain with no way of releasing it. Now I know better and I'm sharing my knowledge with you.

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What is Bulimia

My belief is that binging is a skill you developed and perfected. In order to have an eating disorder, you need the skill and you have to successfully us it repeatedly in your life.

Most people have the skill of eating to deal with emotional pain. Some apply that skill liberally, while other prefer alcohol or cigarettes and only use binge eating as a back-up.

The bulimia skill also requires a well functioning circle of guilt. After using binge eating to deal with an emotion, the guilt over the food eaten must kick in with an intense desire to rid the body of the calories. After the purging phase is complete the binging phase starts when the guilt over the binge/purge cycle becomes too much.

Why do I have it

It doesn't really matter why you have it. Why takes you to your past, to dig around in the pain, allowing you to feel it again and again and again. A much better question to ask it "How do you know?"

How do you know provides useful information. It makes you look at your problem in a fresh way. Knowing how the problem is created is the first step to letting it go.

How Can I Make it Stop ?

Your boss is talking down to you again, just like your father always did. Whenever that happens, you just want to binge.

Binging and purging are essential tools without which coping with life may be difficult. You did what you had to do to survive, you were loving yourself.

You could choose a different behavior in place of the binge: alcohol, running, working, ... Your choice. I'm sure you've tried a few, but nothing works quite as well as binging and purging.

Or you could take the pain out of being talked down to. Once you can think of your past and not feel that burning look, hear that disappointment in HIS voice, then your boss can do what he wants and you will not run to food to sooth your feelings.

How do you let go of the pain of your past? It's easier then you think. My favorite way is a simple acupressure technique. Just look inside, notice how you do it and tap the emotions away. If you are looking to super charge your healing, schedule a session with me today.

I can help you make significant changes in your life with just a few sessions.

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