A Simple Approach to Bulimia Treatment

Have you been through the other bulimia treatments like Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient, or Talk Therapy, and have not found relief from your eating disorder?

Are you aware of what triggers your purge and binge episodes?

Does it feel like your eating disorder is taking over and you are helpless to stop what happens?

In the past you have tried to alter your behavior after the trigger happens. Here at Help for Eating Disorders we advocate getting rid of the trigger instead.

If you remove the triggers, there will be nothing to trigger your binge and purge cycle.

Letting go of your triggers is simple, but persistence is required to find them all.

What Are Triggers

You know what triggers you to b/p, but what makes a trigger a trigger?

Triggers are stimuli to which we respond automatically.

Seeing a red light while driving is a trigger. Hitting the break is an automatic response. Sometimes we even do it when we are only passengers.

That feeling after seeing your boss with "that look" is a trigger. B/p is an automatic response.

Triggers are set during emotionally charged events. Like the girl who is abused by her uncle one time and develops a dislike for the smell of cigars.

Other triggers are set by repeated application. Like the girl who fell in love with Big Macs because they remind her of happy and careless times with her mother. Eating a Big Mac makes her happy. Notice the strong feelings here.

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What Have You Tried to Change Your Trigger/Response Behavior?

What has worked for you? What has not worked for you? Share you wisdom with others.

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