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Many treatment options focus on changing the automatic response. Here at Help for Eating Disorders we suggest letting go of the trigger and everything associated with it.

That little girl is now grown up. Yet she feels lonely. She feels like nobody understands her. She feels abandoned and isolated. She cannot take the misery any longer. There is only one thing she knows that will make it stop: Binge on Big Macs.

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How to Let Go of Triggers

Feelings set triggers. Feelings set-off triggers.

Feelings are the key to changing the automatic behavior.

Protection is the goal of the automatic response. You are doing your best to keep yourself safe and alive. It just happens that you are choosing an eating disorder to do it.

To let go of the trigger, let go of the feelings. There are a number of ways to do it, but I use a simple technique using Chinese acupressure points as demonstrated in this video. Just follow along.

Letting go of your triggers is an important part of healing your eating disorder. Eating disorders are very complex issues and your persistence is needed. Have a look around to find other ways you can heal.

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