Bulimia Nervosa Treatment: Are you Emotionally Addicted?

All addictions are emotional. We don't know how to deal with what is inside - the pain, the hurt, those feelings - so we look to something else to make us feel better.

What do most bulimia nervosa treatments look like?

JuliaDon't binge, don't purge. Stay away from triggers. Rearrange your life so bulimia doesn't have room.

The treatment is depriving you from what you need to feel better. It is taking from you what you need to deal with life. That makes it almost impossible to stick with.

Why do we have such an emotional attachment to that behavior, food, alcohol or whatever? What is driving the bus, how do we get free?

Somewhere, somehow we created an emotional attachment to it and to using it to escape what we feel.

When life's emotions become overwhelming, what do you do? You b/p.

Some bulimics try to stuff down the feelings with the binge. The purge is the punishment for and undoing of the binge.

For others the purge is a way to rid the body of feelings. The binge is necessary to make the purge possible.

Instead of escaping from the feelings through b/p, let go of them and be free.

The #1 reason you binge and purge is stress and emotions. When you are upset, what do you do? When you are stressed, depressed, or feeling less than perfect, what do you do?

Somewhere you started to belief that b/p lets you be in control. You believe it lets you achieve perfection.

Another reason you b/p is that you tell yourself you will not do it anymore. After the next b/p, you feel guilty. Then life happens and piles it on. Next thing you know, you are b/ping again.

You can't change bulimia by changing your behavior. You must change your mind. Your b/p behavior is in response to feelings inside of you. Let go of the feelings for lasting healing.

Emotions and feelings are the driving force behind your bulimia.

Do you wake up in the morning, planning your next b/p or how you will avoid one? Are you worried about being triggered? Has your bulimia become something that seems beyond your control?

Write down 50 reasons why you want to quit bulimia. Then write 50 reasons why you want to keep it.

Can you see that you are emotionally addicted to b/p?

Do you believe that you would not be able to cope with life without the disease? It is the ace in your pocket for those stressful days, but it is an ace that is slowly killing you.

Change your emotional attachment to your disorder and you will find healing.

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What Emotion is Your Driving Force?

What are you most afraid of? We run from what we fear. Free yourself of your fear.

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