Bulimia Help! I can't do it anymore

If people really knew you, what would they say about you? If you asked for them for bulimia help, what would they do?

Would they think you are selfish, fat, or ugly? Are you afraid they would judge you, no longer like you, or not believe you?

Do you use bulimia when you feel lonely, stressed out, or anxious? Do you b/p before or after a stressful day? Is it what you use after a fight with you spouse?

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There are many emotional connections to your eating disorder. Find each one and let it go.

You can easily develop new skills for your emotional tools box. Now, instead of automatically running to b/p, you have a real choice. You can chose to let go of the feelings.

How do you change it all?

How do you change your negative self-image? How do you stop yourself from feeling ugly or alone? How do you change your emotional attachment to bulimia?

Do you like being controlled by bulimia? Probably not, yet the thought of life without it can be very scary.

I use a simple acupressure technique. There may be others. Follow along and let go of your fear of live without bulimia.

Only you know how you create your eating disorder. All addictions are installed through experiences. Like the girl who felt guilty and angry after failing her tests. After days of numbness, she binged and purged, and felt relieved. Now every time she feels angry and guilty, she b/p.

Instead of focusing on bulimia, focus on healing your hurt and pain in the past. You create the eating disorder, you maintain it, and you can cure it. Persistence is your best friend.

Ask yourself "How do I know _____ exists?", then tap until it is gone or you pass out. :-)

You can cope with life by using bulimia or your can let go and try something that works and makes your life better.

If your disorder feels too big to get started or you run into a wall, contact me and schedule a few sessions. I will help you get on your healing journey.

Keep reading articles on this website, watch my videos on YouTube and check out other FasterEFT resources. You are on your way to heal.

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