Can You Escape the Clutches of Binge Eating?

You know that you should stop binge eating, but you can't stop. You are stuffed, but you can't stop. You want just one more bite, just one more taste, and you can't stop.

Your relationship with food isn't healthy. It hasn't been healthy in a long time. You want it to be different, but you don't know how. You feel out of control around food.

You eat to stuff down emotions. You may even know why you are doing it, but you still can't stop.

What is Binge Eating

Addiction to food isn't some type of mental disorder, genetic problem, or family curse, it is learned behavior.

Addiction to food is a skill you have. cookies It is a skill you use often enough and well enough to create a problem.

You learned to turn to food for emotional comfort, just like you learned to ride a bicycle. Practice, practice, practice, until you don't even have to think about it.

What Causes BED?

Some say it's genetic, others say it's a bio-chemical problem in the brain. Or maybe that is the lot you have to carry in life.

Imagine this, you come home from work and check your emails.


You just know that you'll be alone for the rest of your life. The sadness starts to rise up. You see yourself: 72, a cat lady.

How do you deal with that pain? What about other experiences which prove beyond a doubt that you'll always be alone? What to do?

Before you are really aware of the pain, you find yourself in front of the TV, watching "The Bachelor" and eating ice cream.

Eating is the best way you know to keep yourself save from the pain of life.

The true cause of binge eating is that you know how to do it.

Overcoming Food Addiction

Is it possible to overcome this addiction to food? Most definitely yes.

How easily it happens depends on you. The keys are your emotions.

The pain from the past influences your behavior in the present. Letting go of the pain is essential.

Addictions are complex issues that have many ways to create the problem. Working with a professional is recommended. However, by reading the articles on this website, watching YouTube and letting go , you can heal yourself.

Once you let go of the pain that drives you into your addiction to food, . food will lose its power

. It may seem impossible, but you can escape your eating disorder.

I will be adding many more articles to help YOU heal YOURSELF. Please let me know what questions you need to have answered on your healing journey.

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