How to Beat Anorexia

Can you really beat anorexia? It is a question I get asked often. My answer each time is the same: YES, most definitly yes.

I belief that any eating disorder is simply a skill you learned. It is a skill that is supported by the correct mind-set and beliefs. You use your skills and belief system to produce an eating disorder.

Birds flying in the skyFor example, you may have the skill of starving yourself. When your body gives the hungery signal, you ignore it. What are you doing inside of you to justify that action?

Maybe you belief that fat people are bad. Of course you have several memories which illustrate that belief. When you go to those memories, you can still feel those feelings of pain and fear and you just know that fat people are bad.

You are protecting yourself by starving yourself. It is because you love yourself that you are producing this eating disorder.

Change what you belief and you change who you are.

Once you understand the structure of your eating disorder, healing is simple and efficient.

Understanding the structure means understand how our mind operates and how we use memories and imprints to know how to be.

How do you know how to be you?

If you had a different life, where you parents were different, would you be different today?

Of course you would. It is our past that determines who we are now.

How you experience the world right now depends on your current beliefs and feelings. Your current beliefs and feelings depend on how you stored similar experiences. How you stored similar experiences depends on your beliefs and feelings at that time. Your beliefs and feelings at that time depend on ...

If you change how you store and remember experiences, you can change yourself from the inside out.

Memories are not just for storage of times gone by, they are also how-to's so you know how to be in the NOW.

Were you born with a Car Driving Gene? Probably not, but you learned to do it as automatically as walking or starving yourself.

Change how you hold yourself within to who you want to be and your life will change, naturally.

The feelings make us believe the memories associated with them are real. By using a simple technique of Chinese acupressure meridia points, we can change our feelings.

After releasing the negative feelings, change the memory so that it reflects the new you. Now think of something that makes you happy and generate that feeling while thinking about your new memory.

Do You Think You Can Beat Anorexia?

Have you tried to treat your eating disorder? What has or has not worked for you? Share you best info here.

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