Anorexia Symptoms

That voice in your head keeps telling you "only five more pounds ..."

Are those anorexia symptoms or just thoughts in your head?

Your hear the siren call: "Not eating and losing more weight will make you feel sooo good."

You know you should not listen, but it has been a tough day and you are not sure where the strength will come from.

small child watering the flowersWhat you may think of as symptoms such as being obsessed with being fat, I consider skills necessary to produce the problem.

You have a sense of empowerment and control as you are starving yourself. You tell yourself that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.

You picture yourself, thin, happy, and accepted. You can see and feel how you are worthy when you are thin.

When you start to eat, you picture yourself, fat, unhappy, and alone. Inside your body you feel just how unworthy you are.

When you are starving yourself, you are loving yourself.

You are trying to keep yourself from that unhappy, lonely, and fat life.

Once you understand that this eating disorder is the best way you know how to keep you safe, real healing can begin.

If you can love yourself using starvation, you can love yourself living a healthy life. I can show you how.

How does a naturally thin and healthy person know how to behave like one? What thoughts and beliefs does she have?

What internal dialogs does she use to say yes to healthy food and no to junk and starving?

What are you doing to create your anorexic mind-set?

Share how your mind works. What goes on inside of you to produce your problem.

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