Anorexia, Bulimia, my story is common for sufferers of eating disorders.

I tried anorexia nervosa, but the urge to binge won out.

I couldn't handle the purging, so I settled on emotional eating.

As I look at pictures of my childhood, I see that I was not fat, big, or even chuncky. At least not until I hit my teens and we moved to Switzerland.

There I was lonely as I strugged to learn a new language. In addition to being taller than my classmates, my mother started working second shift. I was a lonely outsider. More and more I turned toward food.

Eventually I saw just how big I had become and vowed to lose weight. I managed to do so by anorexia nervosa. Maybe I could have sustained it, but one summer in France, I discovered binging and purging. Unlike anorexia, I was a terrible bulimic. So I stopped the purging, but kept the binging.


That was the start of almost two decades of binging, emotional eating, compulsive overeating, food addiction, and over course endless diets and boring exercise routines.

I would gain weight when my life was especially stressful and manage to lose some when it was calmer. Each time, I surpassed my previous high point, each time I couldn't go quite as low as before. In 2008 I topped out at nearly 280 pounds.

Then my life became calmer, especially after I finished my PhD in Computer Science. My spouse and I no longer had to be in a long distance relationship, but living together had its own challenges.

I had already started to lose weight when I learned about EFT and a few month later, FasterEFT. I found Faster EFT as I was looking for some help with procrastination.

Before FasterEFT I was always worried, that I would gain back some or all the weight. Now I know that as long as I continue to let go of the pain in my past, I will resolve this weight problem.

I still have weight to lose, and occassionally the emotional eating still appears, but I know what to do - I let it go. What's really different this time, is my state of mind. This time I know I'm in control.

Are you ready to experience REAL control, peace, and freedom in your life?

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You too can heal from your eating disorder.