Anorexia - Healing by Letting Go

My beliefs about anorexia are unique. This entire website is about sharing my beliefs around eating disorders with the world.

I know that someone with my belief and understanding can heal from their eating disorder.

Here is what I know.

  1. Before you were born, the world was as it was, the stage was set
  2. Your parents and other people in your life had their problems.
  3. You were born.
  4. You learned from the people around you.
  5. You coped with the people around you using what you learned.
  6. You survived or thrived in the world by behaving in ways you knew.
  7. You build an identity around your behavior: I am an anorexic, I am a bulimic, I am an emotional eater
  8. You wonder why you have so many problems

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I belief that disordered eating itself is a symptom. It is a symptom of your strategy of dealing with life.

I did not know how to deal with feelings. "It's not safe, eat cake!" was my favorite motto. In order to survive I ate.

My weight and emotional eating was a symptom of my preferred way of dealing with life.

Only you know if your relationship to food and your body is healthy and normal.

If you want to change your relationship to food and your body, Faster EFT is the most efficient way I know.


How is your eating disorder affecting your life? What could you do, if you didn't spend your time and effort on it? Why do you fear a life without it?

My effects of emotional eating were:

  • Spending hours alone
  • Wasting time planning binges
  • Weighting 275 pounds
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Having an excuse to not participate in life

You know the price you are paying and the pay-offs you are getting with your eating disorder.

What are the effects of your eating disorder?


The root cause of all our problems is birth. If you had not been born, you would not have problems.

More importantly, the reason why we have problems is that we know how.

You learned how to behave anorexic just like you learned how to walk or drive a car.

Think about a time when you first produced anorexia. Remember how difficult it was?

If you are ready to accept that anorexia is skill, then this website is for you.

I will teach you how to unlearn anorexia and become a naturally healthy woman.


Once you understand that anorexia is a skills you learned, it's simple to unlearn it and learn a better skill.

How do you know that you are currently producing this eating disorder?

I had memories of standing in front of the fridge each afternoon, looking for chocolate. I had memories of binging on fast food when the loneliness was overwhelming.

The feelings make the memories seem real. The feelings make it true that I am an emotional eater.

It's simple to let go of the feelings that the memories real.

Then I change them to show me being naturally thing and healthy. Now I can no longer use them as proof that I am an emotional eater.

How are you changing who you are from the inside out?

What are the effects of disordered eating on your life?

What benefits are you getting from producing your eating disorder? How would your life be different if you didn't produce this eating disorder?

Share the effects of your disordered eating here.

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